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Effective Criminal Law Services

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, felony, DUI, or even juvenile delinquency, the attorneys at DeLacerda & Oliver will effectively represent you to ensure the best outcome for your specific circumstance.

This firm charges most criminal matters with a flat fee. This fee generally covers all legal work related to resolving your criminal matter. These fees typically break down along the following lines:

Fees for Criminal Matters

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These are only guidelines. Your rates may be higher or lower than the examples given. Schedule an appointment so that we may determine your fee for representation.  Payment plans are available and can be discussed at your appointment only.


These fees do not include taking your case to trial. If a trial is needed in your case an additional fee will be required. Because criminal matters are complex in nature an exact quote for a trial fee cannot be provided during an initial consultation.


  • Misdemeanor (non-DUI): starting at $2,000

  • Misdemeanor DUI:  starting at $2,500

  • Felonies: starting at $2,500

  • Expungements: starting at $1,500

  • Applications to Accelerate/Revoke a Felony Deferred/Suspended Sentence: starting at $1,500

  • Municipal Court Charges: starting at $750.00

DUI fees typically cover two cases, both the District Court criminal case and the Department of Public Safety case that deals with your driver's license.

The fees charged for a felony case will go up depending on the specific circumstances of your case such as the novelty of the case, crimes involving children, and prior criminal history.

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